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White Hot Christmas hits the charts!

Now that the Christmas rush is over we can stop and have a breather. Phew! Many of our friends out there have put a lot of time into helping us promote our Christmas single and wanted to know the fruits of their and our labour, so we’ve decided to write up this news item for the website so that everyone can enjoy.

To start with, a big thank you is in order to everyone that bought White Hot Christmas and also all of you who requested it played on the radio, told friends about it, played it at your clubs, dances, sent out emails to your mailing lists, put it on your websites, gave out postcards and all the other things that contributed. We really couldn't have done it without you!

We did make the lower end of the charts, which is quite a feat for a jive band (especially with no major record label backing — meaning we are in direct competition with Britney, Justin, Robbie, etc.). This was achieved in part by an excrutiating number of gigs in December, playing non-stop, day and night, all across the country.

We made loads of inroads to the radio stations across the country. Just some of the stations we got airplay on are:
Capital FM (London) on the Doctor Fox show, BBC Radio Leicester, BBC Radio Norfolk, BBC Radio Northampton, Q101 Radio (N. Ireland), Sun FM (Sunderland), Northern Broadcasting, Radio, Radio Caroline, Saga Radio Glasgow, BBC Radio Merseyside, Radio Arabella, Heart FM (London), BBC Radio London, BBC Radio, Jersey, Leith FM, BBC Radio Stoke, BBC Radio Solent, BBC Radio Wiltshire, BBC Radio Cumbria, Talksport (National), Wave FM (Scotland), BBC Radio Essex.

We also managed to rack up an impressive number of press articles and reviews in December including:
Music Shopper review, Gloucester Citizen feature, Northampton Chronicle, Barry's Mag, Crawley Observer, Single of the month on Vegas-Scotland, Boppin' Around (Holland), UK Rock Magazine, Nifty 50's review, Jive Core review, Top 40 Charts review, Portsmouth Post, East Grinstead Courier, Blues and Rhythm Magazine, Newquay Jive review, Ace Cafe website feature, Low Cut feature.

All the above stations are now interested in playing the new album, “Life is a Game”, for the rest of the year which is great.

What we intend to do is do a follow up single release but we haven't decided which song yet. In fact, you can help us out with that. Please email us back and tell me which song from “Life is a Game” you think would make the best single and why, bearing in mind it will be on the radio.

As a reminder, the tracks on the album are:

1. Jive, Jive, Jive Aces
2. Start, Change and Stop
3. I've Got Affinity for You
4. Singin' in the Rain
5. Second Chance to Fly
6. Long Distance Love Affair
7. High Energy Jive
8. Only Mugs Take Drugs
9. Clear Body, Clear Mind
10. White Cliffs of Dover
11. Three Cats Called Louis
12. Sweet Georgia Brown
13. What a Wonderful World
14. Life is a Game

We'll also be including some never previously released material on the new single as well so look out for any new news here on the website!

The Jive Aces

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