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This London bred bullfiddle bass player has a stronger cockney accent than Michael Caine. He grew up with a love of rock ‘n’ roll music from Elvis Presley to Bill Haley and it was through frequenting the London nightclubs of the early eighties that played this music that he met the other founding members of the Jive Aces.

Ken was known on this scene as a sharp dresser and one of the best swing dancers in London and fought off all competition to become London Swing Dance Champion for three years running from 1983 to 1986.

He is still a great dancer and can even be seen cutting a mean rug between sets at gigs!

Before the band turned professional Ken had a window-cleaning duo with a friend. Both would turn up with water and sponges, dressed in sharp suits and bow ties of course!

He is one of the few left-handed bass players around and prefers to use gut strings to metal.

He is known for spinning the bass, throwing it above his head and even climbing on it while playing, much to the amazement of the audience.

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