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What people are saying about the Jive Aces...

Ian live"Absolutely Brilliant! That really put me in a good mood."
Simon Cowell

"A Ray of Sunshine! I loved The Jive Aces."
Alesha Dixon

"Infectious, uplifting and marvelous!"
Len Goodman

"The Jive Aces are the most dynamic and talented band I've seen in many years...and the ONLY ones I have ever seen with the energy and magic on stage of my parents, Louis Prima and Keely Smith, had during their shows. I am a HUGE fan."
Toni Elizabeth Prima

"Life Is A Game by The Jive Aces has the most important ingredients: It is musically brilliant, it is great to listen to, songwriting is exceptional, the arrangements of the covers are superb. The Jive Aces really are a band of very talented musicians. The album gives loads of joy and pleasure."
- Albums of the year, BBC Radio 2 website

“Swing kings, The Jive Aces, have been playing to sell-out crowds all across Scotland this week.”
The Scottish Sun

"These professional young musicians came on cold to an early evening audience and were simply sensational. The Jive Aces manage great freshness yet maintain an authentic accurate sound. Full Marks."
The Stage

"The Jive Aces album features some horn and piano solos that made my ears pick up real pretty and their charts are uniformly punchy and clever. The band demonstrates throughout that they know their s**t!"
Orange County Weekly

Supporting Tony Christie, we are delighted to welcome back the Jive Aces who wentdown a storm at the last Kitsch Lounge Riot.
Johnny Barran - Kitsch Lounge Riot

Ken live“The Jive Aces are very high calibre musicians that amazed the Montreux Jazz Festival crowd with their spectacular show combined with perfect technique.”
Willie Zumbrunnen - Montreux Jazz Festival

"Opening up with The Jive Aces, the energy level quickly soars through the roof as the band starts stomping with some infectious, high-speed swing music that parallels the energy of 50's rock 'n' roll with all the silk and glamour of 40's swing. Truly modern, and making no claims otherwise, the band seems to be on a caffeine high as they shoot and dance around the notes with such clarity. I’ll give it an A."
In Music we Trust - CD review

Arguably the finest swing/jive band on the scene today. These six guys are top musicians and brilliant performers. Regularly played by me on BBC Southern Counties, this music will get your feet tapping.
Lee Stevens - BBC Southern Counties

The boys dress in electric blue suits and generate more energy than a splitting atom.
The Gazette

"The Jive Aces were definitely the most exciting act to play at our 2003 festival. They came onstage at 7.30pm on a Sunday evening & absolutely blew the house away. They were the first band I booked for 2004!"
Gary Hood - Great British Rhythm & Blues Festival

"Easily one of the best hot, young, swing bands from Europe that's taking America by storm!"
Swingtime magazine

“The Jive Aces, back at the 2004 Chichester festival by popular demand,
put the cherry on the festival with their fantastic mix of jazz, swing &
jump jive. Their performance, as slick and exciting as ever, put the large
crowd under the Jive Aces spell. The use of an acrobatic stage show, which is
interspersed with forays into the crowd, had the crowd calling for more. The Jive Aces ooze talent, presentation and professionalism, obviously honed during their recent world tour. More than a band, a performance to grace any stage.”
Kevin White - Chichester Real Ale and Jazz & Blues festival

The Jive Aces played a wonderful performance in Tarragona International
Dixieland Festival. They played for two hours with a lot of energy: they are like gunpowder! The crowd danced since the show began and the theatre became a total fiesta. They were ideal for our festival.
Jordi Bertran - Tarragonna International Festival

"The night would not have been the same without the fantastic experience that was the Jive Aces. They rocked onto the stage in yellow suits and slicked back hair. In no time the hall was transformed into a jiving, cavorting, dance floor with everyone exhilarated by the entertaining physical stunts and extraordinary playing of the pianist. The night flew by and in no time we were wishing that the encores would go on till morning. They are truly wonderful performers. Not to be missed!"
Social Secretary - University College, Durham

"A tour de force. One of the most professional acts we have ever booked.
Everyone was on their feet jiving! Absolutely brilliant.”
Festival Organiser- Blues Autour du Zinc

"The Jive Aces are really spectacular, not only clowning about and putting on a real show, but their musicianship is rock solid, they cover everything from Joe Houston to Louis Prima via Joe Turner. I strongly suggest you get to see them if you can. We saw them at the Great British R&B Festival & were all knocked out."
Tony Watson - Blues & Rhythm Magazine

“Now back by popular demand for an incredible fourth consecutive year at Montreux Jazz Festival, their explosive live shows have become legendary”
Montreux Jazz Festival

John live“More than 11,000 audience were electrified by the Jive Aces performance in Klaipeda’s Theatre Square. It was an amazing and unforgettable show. The band used for their show all of the constructions of the main stage & the platform for the TV cameraman too! The musicians used the space of the whole square and involved the whole audience with their show. The biggest surprise for me was that in all of these moments of fantastic show, no matter where they were - on the stage, in the audience or climbing up the lighting rig - all the musicians of The Jive Aces played to the highest professional level !!! That's really fantastic and beyond belief !!! All of the large audience submitted to the artists and danced, applauded and went down to their knees to acknowledge the show of these artists. And for the first time in history of eleven years of Klaipeda Jazz Festival we have made the decision to invite the same group next year, but I must do it, because from next years XII Klaipeda Jazz Festival we are introducing a new position in the Festival: "By pleasure of the audience”!!! And The Jive Aces will be the first group for this position. We really are waiting with anticipation for our meeting with The Jive Aces next year at the same place!”
Vytautas Grubliauskas - Klaipeda Jazz Festival

“There was vitality in the upbeat jazzy tunes and rock ‘n’ roll beats. There was no warming up for these guys - they were rockin’ and so was the crowd. The Jive Aces hold a fierce grip of the roots of swing and jive, yet allow people like myself to thoroughly enjoy the music and atmosphere in a modern time and setting.”
Dorrian O’Neill - Wokingham Times

"The band play together with precision and feeling. Indeed the Jive Aces are one of the most popular bands on the modern jive circuit."

Superb Suits, superb Musicians, superb Music, just simply a superb performance. So good that I have already booked them for June 2005 Lichfield Real Ale, Jazz & Blues Festival - what better recommendation than that. For promoters they’re an easy band to work with -fully professional in their approach - - excellent publicity materials and marketing.
Brian Pretty - Director of Lichfield Arts

"Great band with a jumpin' hot sound which went down a storm"
Liz Carter - Hartlepool Maritime Festival

"The Jive Aces cruise into town next week on a tidal wave of adulation and rave reviews."
Evening Mail

"The six piece from Sussex that's renowned for it's high energy, Louis Jordan style, music."
Evening Herald

"Whenever they play their stylishly cut suits and eye catching ties, coupled with a breathtaking show, never fail to get across to the audience the feeling that a class act is in progress."
Berwick Advertiser

“The Jive Aces have masterfully played their wonderful music at the Royal National Theatre's Summer festival "Watch This Space" for 3 years running. Each time they came up with a rivetting musical show, exciting the crowds into fun and dancing from the first tune to the last. Always efficient and punctual they are great to work with.”
Alessandra Satta - Royal National Theatre

The Jive Aces first performance at the Southport International Jazz Festival was a resounding success, with a packed venue jumping in rhythm to their unique style. They were an absolute pleasure to work with and we look forward to welcoming them back to Southport in the future
Nia Valerio - Events Officer Southport

My partner, Debra Sternberg, and I operate the largest swing dance classes and dances on the East Coast We have over 120 live music nights each year. Having hired bands from Los Angeles to London, from big band to combo, no single band is requested for a repeat performance as often as the Jive Aces. From a promoters perspective, they are very professional, very easy to work with and they work to put on a great show. From a dancers perspective, they have a limitless repertoire of classic jump tunes that are all danceable. From a non-dancers perspective, their show is boundless energy that makes you wish you could dance and is terrific fun to just watch for the sheer joy the boys exhibit. Unlike many contemporary bands which just play music, the Jive Aces put on a killer show which infects the crowd with their enthusiasm.
Tom Koerner - GottaSwing

"Vocalist Ian Clarkson sounds like a hip Sinatra. Swing dancers go crazy for this stuff."
Blues and Rhythm

“They always draw a big crowd, and they put on one hell of a show. These boys will swing your socks off!”
Atomic Magazine

“The Jive Aces, hands down, give the greatest show I've ever seen at a swing dance club! As a club producer for the past seven years, I can say that there is no other band that consistently gives its all to the dancers and audience. No matter how many times I see or book this band, they are full of the ultimate performance energy. They literally jump onto the dance floor, and play their instruments right amidst the dancing foray, elevating the evening to a fever pitch of excitement. I have seen otherwise calm and collected persons go absolutely abandoned with joy as a result of these talented and charismatic fellows. I would like to say further, that, as a promoter, they are an absolute pleasure with whom to work; they are professional to the maximum and have never caused me a worry or even the slightest problem. In addition to all their other great qualities, they have the ability to make each person (myself included) feel that he or she is a special friend. If you want the best show possible -- get the Jive Aces!”
Rusty Frank - Owner "The Rhythm Club", Los Angeles, USA

"The Jive Aces are always putting on a great show which makes the best of
contact with the audience”
Gunnar Jaeger - Silda Jazz, Norway

“They give the best jive and swing show around & they really do live up to their reputation as the UK's No. 1 jive & swing band.”
Simon Selmon, Founder London Swing Dance Society

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