Spread a Little Happiness - Quarantine Collab Video

We are making a quarantine collaborative music video and we need your help!

You'll need you to download the track (on the right, just click on "FREE" and enter your email address so we can let you know when the video is out!) and film yourself doing something fun and positive in time with the music and send it to us. This could be silly dancing, ironing or anything, the more creative and silly the better!

You can also sing along the tune, harmonies to Ian's lead vocal or backing vocals you invent to the track or join in with an instrument too.

Please read the below tips for getting the best out of your video before filming:

  1. Make sure there is plenty of light on you. You want as much light facing you so we can see you. Don't film in front of a bright window or with strong overhead top lighting as you will then look dark.
  2. Try and have the camera as steady as possible. You can have someone handhold the camera/phone but try to make the motion as smooth as possible and not jerky or if very fast.
  3. We prefer LANDSCAPE videos. Whilst we can use some portrait videos, stop and think and look at what action you are capturing and what shape would best fit the frame before shooting. For example, a couple dancing would definitely fit better in a landscape frame.
  4. If the sound is important in the case of playing or singing along then make sure the audio is clear. Try and film and record in as quiet a room as possible. If you have a plug-in microphone of any sort (i.e. used by bands, singers, podcasters etc then definitely use that rather than the built-in mic on the phone. Remember we don't want to hear our track on your recording to us so use headphones to listen to it while playing or singing along.

Sending Your Video to us...

As your files may be quite large, don't try and send them in an email. Instead, you can go to  wetransfer.com and send files up to 2 GB for free. Send them to promo@jiveaces.com.

We can't guarantee we will be able to use everybody's submissions but we'll do our best!