One Year Of JiveStream Coming Up!

On the 16th March we will be celebrating our 365th daily consecutive episode of our live stream show, JiveStream. As most of you probably know, we usually play about 250 live shows a year all over the UK, the USA, Europe and sometimes farther.

Since Covid and the ensuing lockdown hit, we were stuck with nowhere to go. As everyone else was stuck in the same position at home with nothing to do feeling bored, sad, exasperated etc we decided to start a daily live stream show playing a few tunes and having a bit of a chat. We thought it would last about three weeks and here we are a whole year later.It has been quite an adventurous learning curve but we have been able to stay in touch and entertain friends and fans all over the world and also make a whole lot of new friends. We have also accidentally created a new JiveStream community with lots of new friendships having been made the world over. You can join the community at our dedicated Facebook group, The JiveStream Greenroom.

We have overcome many different barriers to continue bringing you daily episodes including several relocations many hours drive apart, internet outages, equipment failures and a whole lot more but as our motto goes, "The show must go on!".

We have a Facebook event page for the 365th episode so please go ahead and mark yourself as going and also invite some friends along so we can have a huge party! The link is:

We hope to see you there and we'll be continuing our daily episode for as long as we cannot tour (which looks like May or June in the UK at the moment.

All the best,

The Jive Aces


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