Ken Smith

Double Bass ”
Ken was born in Essex and at a very early age fell in love with the sound of the double bass that he heard on records by his musical hero's Elvis Presley and Bill Hayley. From this grew his affinity for rockabilly, rhythm & blues and hot jazz music and it was through frequenting London's rockin' nightclubs of the early eighties that he met the other founding members of The Jive Aces.

Ken was known on this scene as a sharp dresser and one of the best swing dancers in London and fought off all competition to become London Swing Dance Champion for three years running from 1983 to 1986. 

Before turning professional as a musician in 1990 he would take any type of job to pay for his passion for dancing inc Running his own Window Cleaning round where he could be seen cleaning windows in a shirt and bow tie, "always fashion concious". After forming the Jive Aces in 1989 with lead singer Ian Clarkson they have toured the world spreading their brand of Jive and Swing.

Ken plays a 1948 Double Bass made in the Czech Republic and a 1952 Kay Swingmaster from the US, both set up with Nylon strings. He is one of the few left handed bassists who plays the instrement set up for  a right handed player. He is known for his Showmanship and fast Slap technique which adds drive to the Jive Ace's sound and style.