Alex's Independent Artist Marketing Tips

I often find myself helping out fellow artists with tips and tricks I have picked up over the years including everything from design to social media to tools I use in promoting The Jive Aces. 

I love to help friends and fellow artists succeed so I have started this blog with some tips, tricks and hacks to help to make promoting shows and artists easier and more effective. I am by no means an expert or social media guru, these are just some things which I have found useful and/or successful and hopefully, it helps some of you out!

Feel free to leave me some feedback in the comments under each blog entry. You can also contact me via the form below.

Upviral - Viral Loop Marketing Tool

I first came across UpViral because I read a lot about filmmaking and the associated equipment and one site, in particular, Planet 5D, runs a lot of competitions to win cameras and accessories from different companies. After entering…

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Twitter Promote Mode - Review

In my quest to take over the social sphere... OK, expose a few more people to our music, I tried out "Twitter Promote Mode". Instead of making individual ads, it just forwards your first 10 tweets of the day to…

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Social Media Tool Review -

N.B. I'm not in any way connected to this company and don't get anything for writing this, it's just a tool have found useful.

We have had an Instagram account for a few years but have only started…

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The Curtain Never Comes Down

Being in a band that travels so much together you definitely get a sense that, as the great Count Basie once allegedly said "The curtain never comes down". A group of people travelling together who you not only play the…

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