Paying for "Likes" Vs Advertising "Actual Stuff" on Facebook

As you’ve probably heard and/or experienced, Facebook Page posts are getting less reach because Facebook thinks it knows better what people are interested in than the people themselves. That's "artificial" intelligence for you. That could be a really covert way of taking away what was once free and trying to charge you for it but that could just be a healthy dose of cynicism...

Therefore paying for ads which have the sole purpose of getting "likes" to your page are becoming increasingly worthless so my advice is DO NOT PAY FOR ADS WHICH ONLY INCREASE PAGE LIKES. You will only have to pay more to reach all of them anyway. 

As an aside, you are an artist who creates something which people have an emotional impact to and has a worth. Don’t forget that but I think I will go deep on that topic in a future blog post.

Instead, if you are going to pay for FB ads, pay to advertise a specific thing; A live gig/event, an album etc. That way you are directing the person to an exchangeable product. If you target correctly and people like the product they will end up liking your page anyway. 

Wait, there’s more! Under the "Connections" section, you can also target your ads so they only show to people who don’t like your page so you are reaching new people if you want.

And more importantly, you can also target the ad to people who have not yet responded to your event page.

Then when they start liking the ad, you can then invite those people to like your page and as they have responded and shown interest in your wares, they are very likely to take up the offer.

You can also do this with any old posts. If you click on to see who has liked the post you can also invite them to the page. I recommend systematically going through every single post you have ever made from the time you started your page and doing this. I did it for the Jive Aces since we started the page in 2009 and increased our page likes by about 700 hundred. It took a few hours but was worth the effort.

Hope this helps!

Cheers, Alex

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