"Bad News" New Music Video - OUT SUN 8 Aug!

That's right, our brand new music video for the original song, "Bad News" is being released this Sunday 8th August at 5:15pm right after our two-hour long Summertime Swing live-stream special which starts at 3:00pm.

You can set yourself a reminder at the YouTube watch page at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-eAv7lQtB8 

We have worked very hard on this video over the last couple of months whilst still locked down to a greater or lesser degree. 

If you dig what we lay down then please join the premiere and share it with everyone you know or even better share it with everyone you don't know because that is likely more people than you do know!

P.S. Patreons will be getting a sneak peek ahead of time!

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