Summertime Swing Update

Hi everyone, 

We hope you are all getting some much needed fresh air and sunshine while it lasts! here is a quick email with an update about Summertime Swing. 

It is with great disappointment though that we have to announce that we are unable to hold Summertime Swing in person again this year due to the ongoing situation. It was going to be difficult enough even before the latest government announcement due to lack of time and resources and with the latest news of of the extension of restrictions it throws too much uncertainty into the mix to make it possible to organise. 

As you know we spend hundreds of hours each year organising, promoting and rehearsing for the event every year and every single penny of profit goes to local and national charities so we are doubly disappointed that we will be unable to support them again this year. 

For all those that have already purchased tickets either last year or this year, they will be valid for Summertime Swing 2022 which is on Saturday 6th August, 2022. If you are unable to commit to next year's date or would rather get a refund, please go to and start the refund request and I will process it right away. 

If you haven't got tickets but would like one for next year's event then please go to

We hope you can understand the decision but it really is unavoidable at this point but we hope you can help us make Summertime 2022 the biggest and best ever! 

We will however be holding a virtual online Summertime Swing special live-stream. This will be on Sunday 8th August from 3:00pm to 5:00pm UK time and is of course completely free. We will be showcasing some never before seen videos from the past few Summertime Swing events with very special guests! You can join the Facebook event HERE

Fingers crossed we see you all soon! 

The Jive Aces

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