The Big Jive All-Dayer 2019 A Total Sellout!

We had an amazing 12 hour marathon on Saturday at The Big Jive All-Dayer in Worthing.

Just to say a HUGE thanks to everyone that came to the The Big Jive All-Dayer 2019 on Saturday at Worthing Theatres Assembly Hall. 
Thanks to the venue staff and crew for being amazing yet again.

Thanks to Dan Dan The Sound Man from Offslip Audio Productions for the sound, helpers Graham, Rick, Richard and Valerie and Annie for minding our stall! 
Of course a huge thanks to our bands, guests and DJs Si Cranstoun, Sister Suzie, JG & the Ultimates, Dylan Kirk & The Killers, Sarah Mai, The Bellefords, Victoria Bass, Lottie B, Antonio Socci, Claire "Voodoo Doll" Austin, Terry Elliott and Mr Jinx.

See the full photo gallery on The Big Jive All-Dayer page!

It was sold out over a month ahead of the event! If you came, please fill in our post-event survey by CLICKING HERE so we can make 2020 even more epic on Saturday 29th Feb


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